This is a blog, by Sarah Reed, about data, information visualization, design, and occasionally parenting.

Costs of Cancer

While the emotional and physical impacts of Breast Cancer are well known, the Financial Impacts are rarely discussed. Cancer survivors and their families are more than twice as likely to go into bankruptcy than people without the disease. Even with insurance, women with Breast Cancer, and their families, face mounting costs and are faced with wrenching decisions about how to pay for their care- or even whether to take the treatment due to the costs.

This project was started as my master's thesis and continued after graduation.

Water Usage

This graphic is a remake of a NYT graphic on the same topic. I found the original NYT version to be long and preachy. My intention in this graphic was to reduce the information down to the most salient and important bits as the original is information heavy. This graphic also adds a levity to the topic thereby making it more approachable 

Travelling With Children

We travel with our children fairly often and have since they were infants. It has progressively gotten easier but still has it’s challenging moments. For this graphic, my 9 yr old daughter and I logged our actions and emotions every 15 minutes for an entire day of traveling from Louisville, CO to Springfield, MA. Overall it was a good day but our opposing emotional fluctuations are clear throughout the day.